If you are tall, you may struggle finding many things to fit including clothes, shoes, airplane seats and more. What you drive is also a big issue when you are taller than most people are. Whether you sit in the front or back, it is important to have enough room for both your head and legs. These 2012 models were reviewed for driving position, seat comfort, the view out and access. Some were found to be good for both tall and short drivers, which is important if you have a family.

Audi A8

Along with being a good choice for tall people, the Audi A8 has won the title of Best Large Luxury Sedan by both Car and Driver and Road & Track. The starting price of the A8 is $78,750. Headroom in the front is 37.2 inches 38.1 inches in the back. There is a bit more legroom in the front at 41.4 inches compared to the back with 38.7. If shoulder room is what you are looking for, there are 59.1 inches in the front and 57.8 inches in the back.

Honda Accord

In the front, the headroom is 41.4 inches and in the back, it is 38.5. Legroom in the front is 42.5 inches and it is 37.2 in the back. There are 58.2 inches of front shoulder room and in the rear, 56.4 inches. There are 56.6 inches of hip room in front and 54.3 in back.

Depending on the model you get, the driver’s seat may be adjusted in a number of different ways. Additionally, the driver’s seat contains memory for two positions so if your spouse is shorter than you it is easy to move back and forth depending on who is driving. The Accord is a top pick for both tall people as well as short people with a starting price of $21,380.

Honda Odyssey

The headroom in the Odyssey is 39.7 inches in front, 39.5 in the middle, and 38 inches in the rear. The Odyssey has a wide-mode function for the middle row seats. When it is in this mode, it decreases the headroom slightly from 39.5 to 38.8 inches.

Legroom in the Honda Odyssey comes in at 40.9 inches in the front and middle and 42.4 inches in back. In terms of shoulder room, the Odyssey has 64.4 inches in the front, 63.3 in the middle, and 60.9 in the rear. The Honda Odyssey starts at around $28,000.

Hyundai Equus

The Hyundai Equus is a good choice for tall passengers. Instead of three rear seats, the Equus has two roomy seats. The seats also split 50/50 so that the passenger in the right rear seat can pull out the leg support and lie back. This seat also is a massage chair. For the driver of the Hyundai Equus, the seat is easily adjusted in four different ways. There is also a system that memorizes the seating positions of multiple drivers. The steering column can be moved out of the way to make it easy for tall people to get in or out. Hyundai Equus base model pricing starts at $59,000.

Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is a good luxury vehicle for those who are tall. The headroom for the front and rear are 38 and 37.9 inches respectively. Shoulder room in the front and back are 58.5 and 56.3 inches, and hip room is 55.4 inches in the front and 55.5 in the rear.

The driver’s seat can adjust in 16 different ways, while the front passenger seat has 12 positions. In the back, the passengers can recline as well as adjust the height of the headrest to accommodate different heights. A memory system saves positions in both the front and back seats. The base model of the Lexus LS starts at around $70,000.

Subaru Forester

The Forester from Subaru has a spacious interior. The driver’s seat has 10 different positions and the seats in the rear can recline, which makes it a good choice for tall people. The car also has a system that helps to control its stability by sensing inputs from both your steering and braking. The 2012 Subaru Forester starts at $20,595.

Volvo XC70

The XC70 from Volvo is considered a great car for tall people. There are 38.8 inches of headroom in the front and 38.6 inches in the rear. There are 41.9 inches of legroom in front and 34.6 in back. If you have broad shoulders, there are 57.4 inches of front shoulder room and 56.5 in the back. For hips, there are 54.8 inches in the front and 55.1 in the rear.

The XC70 also allows for a lot of cargo room, whether you leave the back seats up or fold them down. With all wheel drive, high ground clearance, and good traction control, the Volvo XC70 is the perfect choice for off road travels as well as snow and icy conditions. The MSRP for the Volvo XC70 is $32,950.

No matter what your price point is, if you are a tall driver there a number of great options around. These vehicles offer not only comfortable seating for your height but also are fairly comfortable for many budgets.