The Audi R8 is a mid-sized luxury sports car with two seats that includes standard permanent all-wheel drive for an exciting ride and great handling. With a 4.2-liter V-8 engine and 420 horsepower, there is no road this exciting car cannot handle. With a starting price of $113,336, this is no car for budget-conscious buyers, but it still undercuts the prices of comparable exotic sports cars by a great deal.

2012 Audi R8

While three different engine configurations are available for the 2012 Audi R8, only 90 units of the 560-horsepower R8 GT are available in the United States. Much more commonly available will be the R8 5.2, with 525 horsepower, and the R8 4.2 with 430 horsepower. The engines come in both V-8 and V-10 configurations, depending on the model. Both six-speed manual and automated manual transmissions are available on these vehicles, although reviewers prefer the manual transmission’s performance. Quattro all-wheel drive is standard on all Audi R8 models.

An extremely low profile gives the Audi R8 a “racecar” look, and its glass cover adds sophistication. Even with its beautiful appearance, however, there are some drawbacks to the vehicle. Available cargo space is extremely limited on the R8, with only 3.5 cubic feet of trunk space. The interior space makes up for it, however, with room for very tall drivers and passengers in the cockpit.

Standard interior features on both the coupe trim levels include anti-theft system, leather power driver and passenger seating, climate control, keyless entry, and rain-sensing wipers. The entertainment system includes standard AM/FM radio, CD changer, MP3 player, and satellite radio, with optional premium sound system. The navigation system is optional, and some reviewers have noted that the lack of separate controls for the navigation aspects make the interface between audio and navigation difficult to manage.

Audi R8 Safety and Performance Reviews

Most exotic sports cars are not tested by organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and the Audi R8 is no exception. However, the R8 does encompass many of Audi’s finest standard safety features, such as brake assist and anti-lock brakes, as well as stability control and front, side, and knee-area airbags. Audi’s Convenience Package is standard on the 5.2 model and includes rear parking and backup camera as well as hold assist for hills.

The 2011 R8 Coupe was rated by J. D. Power and associates for various aspects of reliability. The overall score for reliability was three stars out of five, or “better than average.” Audi offers its standard warranty with the R8 Coupe, which includes four years and 50,000 miles of powertrain coverage, four years of unlimited mileage towing and roadside assistance, and 12 years of rust protection. Repair costs for the first five years have been estimated at $1,726, with $538 in repairs during the fourth year of ownership and $1,188 the fifth year.

How much is car insurance for an Audi R8?

Car insurance costs for the 2012 Audi R8 will average $3,853 per year. The 2011 models averages $2,670 per year, while the Porsche 911 Turbo, by comparison, costs $2,274 and the Corvette ZR-1 averages $2,337, proving once again that Audis suffer from very high insurance costs in comparison to most vehicles in their class.

With the very high price of any repairs to an exotic sports car, it is always a good idea to have full coverage on your Audi R8. For car insurance quotes on your new Audi R8 at the best possible prices, type your ZIP code into the space above. You will be asked to provide some basic information and will receive quotes from various companies in your area who want to offer you coverage. This allows you to easily compare prices and see which insurance will give you the best policy for your money.

As you compare car insurance policies, be sure that each quote offers identical coverage. Some insurers add options to their policies which you may not need. For example, if you have the standard Audi warranty on your vehicle, you will not need towing protection or roadside assistance for the first four years of your vehicle’s life. However, if you buy your Audi used, you may want to add the towing coverage available under your insurance policy, as the Audi warranty may have expired or may not transfer with the sale of your car.