Car insurance is one expense that cannot be cut entirely from a person’s budget. Drivers must carry at least a minimum amount of car insurance in order to register and operate a vehicle. Because it is a necessary expense, drivers must also be prepared to budget for it accordingly and save money whenever they can.

Teachers are one group of people who are often underpaid and under-appreciated for the work that they do. While teachers play a vital role in the development of the nation’s youth, most make very low wages and may even need to pick up a second job to make ends meet. Fortunately, car insurance companies are able to take some of the strain off of teachers by providing discounted policies.

Teacher Discounts

Statistically, people with high educations are less likely to be involved in auto accidents than those without schooling. Along these lines, teachers as a demographic are generally safer than drivers with other careers. This means that auto insurance for teachers will be cheaper than for some other individuals.

Some car insurance companies offer discounts to teachers specifically. Others do not offer career-specific discounts, but they may be able to help an insured get the best deal on car insurance through combining other discounts. If you already have insurance, it’s a good idea to start your money-saving quest by contacting the insurance company to see what discount programs are available. Companies that do not offer teacher-specific discounts may offer other discounts that could apply to teachers:

— Safe driving discounts to people with no history of accidents or traffic violations
— Discounts to people who have advanced college degrees
— Homeowner’s discounts to people who own their own homes
— Married discount for teachers and their spouses
— Good credit discount for people with high credit scores

Other Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Teachers who live close to the schools where they teach may qualify for a low mileage car insurance discount. Car insurance premiums are based on the assumption that a driver will put approximately 10,000 miles on a vehicle each year. If a person doesn’t drive this much, he might be able to negotiate lower premiums.

A teacher may also be able to get a reduced premium for insurance if he takes additional driver’s education courses. Defensive driving classes are available through the local library and DMV and are usually very affordable; sometimes the certification is even free. Once the driver provides proof of completing the course, he should be able to get cheaper auto insurance.

Certain vehicles are more affordable to insure than others. Domestic sedans, minivans and other vehicles with high safety ratings and low repair costs are the cheapest to insure. Foreign vehicles, sports cars and luxury vehicles are all more expensive to insure due to their relatively high repair cost. A driver can save money on insurance by adding safety and anti-theft features to a vehicle as well. Installing a car alarm or backup sensors is usually very affordable and helps to keep the vehicle secure.

Car insurance premiums can also be reduced by cutting unnecessary coverage from a policy. An older vehicle may not require full coverage insurance, or a driver may be able to increase the amount of his deductible. The insurance agent can work with the driver to determine what coverage could be sacrificed to maintain low premiums.

Comparison Shopping for Good Insurance

If you’re paying too much for car insurance, it may be time to switch car insurance companies. Many insurance providers offer discounts to entice people to change companies. Taking advantage of one of these discounts can help cut the cost of auto insurance premiums.

In order to find a new insurance company, a driver can search online for a free quote. The quote form will ask a number of questions about the driver’s age, driving history and type of vehicle being insured; this allows the system to match a customer with the best insurance company for his needs.

Once you’ve found a car insurance company you like, contact the customer service department to finish the insurance purchase. You can ask the representative if there are any additional discounts that you can take advantage of. He or she will will also be happy to work with your budget to create a personalized policy that meets your needs without sacrificing necessary coverage. By comparison shopping online, it’s possible to purchase an auto insurance policy that will suit a teacher’s tight budget.