American Collectors Insurance Company is an insurance provider that helps protect vehicles that are considered collectors’ items. Although cars are one of the main things that American Collectors insure, they also insure other items that are collectibles.

The insurance needs for collector vehicles are unique. American Collectors Insurance Company believes that something that is worth collecting deserves to be protected in the proper way. It has multiple options for your special insurance needs in the most affordable way.

History of American Collectors

American Collectors is based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The company has been around for more than 30 years. It has the experience and professionalism to provide quality insurance for all of your collectible needs.

American Collectors Insurance Vehicle Eligibility

Not all vehicles are eligible to be insured by American Collectors. Your vehicle must fall into a particular category. Some of the categories include classic and antique cars, classic and antique motorcycles, classic and antique trucks, antique tractors, custom trucks and cars, and modern and exotic classics of limited production.

Other categories for insurance eligibility through American Collectors are Jeeps, hot rods, military vehicles, kits & replica cars, restorods, muscle cars, vehicles that are actively being restored, and street rods.

Besides falling in the correct category, your vehicle needs to follow allow requirements as well. Your vehicle cannot be driven daily, cannot be used for timed or racing events, and must be stored in a garage that is locked and enclosed.

American Collectors Car Insurance Coverage

Collector vehicles require different insurance needs than the regular car you see on the street. Collector cars are investments that you want to keep in the best condition possible. American Collectors Insurance can help you do just that.

Because insurance varies according to the state you live in, some of the coverage features may differ or not be available in your state. For complete information about what is available in your area, contact American Collectors Insurance Company directly.

– Agreed Value Coverage

One of the features of a collector vehicle policy is that you get Agreed Value Coverage. This means that if you have a total loss, you will be covered for the entire insured value, after you pay the deductible. You can also choose the zero deductible option, which means that if you file a claim you are not responsible for any deductible. If you think that you will be using the vehicle for more than just collector shows, you can choose the Freedom Tier option, which allows for more general and flexible use of the car.

In your policy, you can choose one of three mileage plans. Depending on how much you drive the vehicle, you may choose 2,500 miles, 5,000 miles, or 7,500 miles.

Unlike other car insurance companies, American Collectors Insurance considers inflation in regards to your vehicle. Every quarter, your vehicle value will be increased 2% at no cost to you. This maxes out at 8%.

If your vehicle has a value of over $150,000, there is a special high value program. This also goes towards any collection that is valued over $250,000. When you insure with American Collectors you also have more options for deductibles and higher limits.

– Towing and Labor Coverage

Most car insurance companies offer towing services as an option but American Collectors goes steps further. Not only does it offer towing and labor services, it has a complete reimbursement plan that is designed for owners of collector cars. For example, if you have a breakdown or an accident that causes you to miss a collector car show your will be reimbursed by American Collectors Insurance.

– Spare Parts Insurance

The collector vehicle policy includes coverage for spare parts. The policy includes $500 worth of coverage for loss or damage to a spare part. You can add additional coverage if you choose. If you are restoring a vehicle, you have coverage to protect you through its duration.

– Automatic Insurance

If you happen to purchase another vehicle during your policy time that qualifies for coverage, you will be granted automatic coverage for the vehicle. This coverage will last for 30 days and will cover it for a value of up to $25,000.

Financial Rating of American Collectors Insurance

The financial stability and rating of the insurance company you use are important. To be assured that your investment will be covered appropriately and for a long time you want to find a good quality company.

The coverage for American Collectors Insurance is offered by Assurant Specialty Property. Assurant is a billion dollar company that is a leading supplier of insurance products in the specialized insurance industry.

The financial rating from A. M. Best for Assurant Specialty Property is an A, which is categorized as excellent. The excellent rating refers to its current situation as well as its future. The outlook is stable, which means that the possibility of the rating to change in the next 12 to 36 months is unlikely.