AIG, American International Group, is a leading international insurance and investment group with customers in the United States and more than 130 other nations. In 2008, AIG suffered tremendous losses owing to the collapse of the global mortgage industry and was subsequently bailed out by funds supplied by the U.S. government.

AIG agreed to sell its U.S. auto insurance business to Zurich Financial Services for $1.9 billion in 2009. The existing Zurich Farmers Group also acquired 21st Century Insurance, a major life insurance carrier. The new Zurich group includes Farmers and 21st Century, as well as Kemper Insurance.

Zurich of North America is a leader in commercial automobile insurance lines, while Farmers Insurance writes personal auto and home policies across the U.S. Based in Chicago; the Zurich American Insurance company is the third largest commercial property and casualty insurance provider in the US.

In 2005, Zurich collected premiums totaling more than $12.5 billion in the U.S. and Canada. Zurich provides for the needs of small businesses in middle-sized markets yet has many large corporate customers.

Zurich North America

In 1922, a group of Ford auto dealers formed the Universal Underwriters Group, which in time would become Zurich. Their aim was to provide insurance services to automobile dealers and their customers. Today Zurich underwrites a number of comprehensive commercial auto programs including extended warranty and service contracts for autos and trucks and service contracts for motorcycles and other sport vehicles.

Additional insurance options include tire and other road hazard insurance, credit life and credit disability insurance, interior and exterior appearance protection and a theft deterrent package. GAP protection is available to protect vehicle owners who owe more than what their vehicle may be worth.

A.M. Best rates the Zurich American Insurance Company superior, A+, for 2010. Not all of the products listed above may be available in all areas. Consumers should contact their local dealers to inquire as to what products may be available.

About Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance was founded in Los Angeles in 1928. The new company’s aim was to provide reasonably priced insurance coverage for rural farm vehicles. In the more than eight decades since that time, Farmers Insurance has grown to become the third largest home and auto insurance provider in the United States.

Farmers Auto Insurance Products

Farmers Insurance offers standard auto insurance coverage at competitive rates, much the same as most other auto insurers active in the United States today. Rate quotes may be obtained online in a matter of minutes through one of several national web-based insurance rate calculators.

Specific insurance products, coverage amounts, and rates can vary from state to state so it’s important for consumers to provide their exact location, usually by zip code, so that they may receive an accurate estimate of auto policy costs in their area.

Farmers Insurance auto policies may include liability coverage, coverage for medical expenses and collision and comprehensive coverage. In states that require uninsured motorists’ coverage, Farmers will include a no-fault accident rider.

Farmers Special Insurance Products

FarmersFlex is the newest auto insurance package from Farmers Insurance and allows policyholders the option to choose specific benefits and programs such as accident forgiveness, or to take advantage of Farmers’ new car pledge.

The new car pledge states that Farmers will replace a new vehicle at full value, without taking depreciation, during the first two years of ownership or the first 24,000 miles of use, whichever comes first. For good drivers who have been accident free for at least three years, Farmers will forgive an accident claim by not increasing policy rates.

Farmers Insurance clients with both auto and home coverage may purchase additional liability coverage in the form of umbrella insurance. This type of coverage is used to cover catastrophic losses or when the liability limits have been reached on a regular policy.

Farmers now offers an emergency roadside protection and assistance program to its auto policyholders. This 24/7 service includes towing, jump-starts and other repairs and help on site. Farmers will even send out a locksmith if you’ve been locked out of your vehicle!

Farmers Insurance is a leader in specialty auto lines. Farmers offers insurance on most any unique and collectible vehicle. Farmers will cover most any type of collectible vehicle including, antiques, muscle cars, replicars, foreign and domestic sports cars, custom vehicles and kit cars, classic cars, hot rods and more!

Farmers Insurance Ratings

Farmer’s auto group is the fifth largest auto insurer in the United States with a 5.5% market share. More than half of the U.S. auto market is controlled by just six companies. The largest auto insurer in the United States is State Farm, which has been the acknowledged leader for many years. According to A.M. Best in 2008, State Farm enjoyed a 17.8% market share.