The Acura ZDX is a luxury mid-size SUV designed to combine the quality of a luxury sedan with the fun and perkiness of a smaller SUV. With a bit more cargo space than some of its competitors, the Acura ZDX has been hailed as a competitive option to the standards in this class, although reviewers note that it does have some issues with practicality. The back seat is really not large enough for three adults, and its “swooping” exterior design may reduce rear visibility. While the Acura ZDX has managed to keep its price tag competitive, it lacks the sportiness and maneuverability of some other, more expensive models.

How much is the Acura ZDX?

Averaging $43,316 to $53,045 in price, the Acura ZDX is a few thousand dollars cheaper than some of its competition, such as the Mercedes and BMW models. However, the Cadillac and Infiniti comparable vehicles are up to $10,000 less in sticker price than the Acura ZDX, making it truly mid-range in terms of pricing. Some reviewers feel that the money saved does not justify the loss of some standard features or skimping on others, when compared to other luxury crossovers. Others feel that the drop in price is so significant, the higher-priced models in this class are not really even competing for the same market, and should probably be listed separately. Indeed, “luxury crossovers” remains one of the most difficult categories to define of all the classes, due to widely varying standards of what should be included in a luxury vehicle.

Standard features on the 2012 Acura ZDX include leather detail and stitching, seating for up to five, power-controlled front seats, audio system with USB/iPod® integration, climate control, and a power tailgate. Also standard is the rearview backup camera, which somewhat makes up for the lack of visibility from the styling. You can add options such as the surround-sound stereo system, GPS-linked temperature control, and adaptive cruise control and navigation system. Most reviewers feel that the Acura ZDX can hold its own against any other model when it comes to included features and available options.

Acura ZDX Safety

Of course, safety is always a big concern with any vehicle, and like its sister models, the Acura ZDX offers great safety features such as six air bags, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, active front head restraints and LATCH child-seat fasteners. You can also add options such as the blind spot monitor and collision mitigation system, which helps prepare the car for a crash if it senses one. Safety awards given to the Acura ZDX include an overall five out of five stars on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s crash tests, with four out of five stars on frontal and rollover crashes and five out of five stars in side crashes.

Acura ZDX Warranty

The Acura models have proven relatively reliable when it comes to repairs, and Acura offers a standard four-year, 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty with all its cars. You will also have the protection of a six-year, 70,000-mile drivetrain warranty and a 15-year seatbelt warranty. Because this model is so new, pricing repairs remains difficult; however, estimates for a radiator replacement average $615, for a fuel injector replacement $168, and for a spark plug replacement, $173. No major problems have been reported with the model yet, but as it is so new it is hard to find reliable information on trends in repair issues.

How much is car insurance for the Acura ZDX?

Car insurance for the Acura ZDX averages $1,705, well under some of the averages of its competitors. For example, the Mercedes Benz E-Class averages $1,833, while the BMW X6 averages $1,821. On the other hand, the Infinti FX only averages $1,635, and the Cadillac SRX only $1,610. It is clear that pricing and insurance costs will vary tremendously among the cars of this class, so if budget is a consideration, you should be looking at those cars toward the less expensive end of the scale. Further, there is a great disparity in insurance costs for engine sizes and trim packages among other cars; the Acura ZDX offers only one engine choice and trim level, confining its choices to the add-on technology packages and options features.

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