The Acura TSX Sportwagon is another version of the popular Acura TSX, this time in “station-wagon” form. Ranked in the top five by U.S. News Reports, this vehicle is recommended for those who want to combine the roominess of a crossover or SUV with the performance of the Acura TSX sedan. For those who want this combination, the Washington Post gives high marks to the Acura TSX Sportwagon, saying that “responsibility need not be limiting in the pursuit of happiness.” With gas savings over comparable models and plenty of interior room, there is little not to like about the Acura TSX Sportwagon. Introduced at the 2010 New York Auto Show, the Acura TSX Sportwagon immediately turned heads and began garnering attention as a hybrid of good sense and luxury. Most reviewers appreciate its charm, noting that the body style is less severe than earlier Acura TSX models, with a more rounded front face and a sleeker, more sophisticated outline.

How much does the Acura TSX Sportwagon cost?

Entering the field at an average cost of $31,058 to $34,590, the Acura TSX Sportwagon outperforms its rivals in terms of price, especially its top rival, the BMW-3 Series. Standard leather upholstery, which is an option on some other luxury wagons, help the interior to keep its function but show its beauty as well. Although the Acura TSX Sportwagon is only available in four-cylinder and does not have all-wheel drive as an option, the extra cost and gas savings may make this sacrifice worth it. However, like the Acura TSX sedan, reviewers did complain about the “confusing” control system and the small back seat space. Some reviewers also lament the loss of cornering ability and pickup which come from sacrificing the V-6 engine.

Acura TSX Sportwagon Safety Ratings

Safety is standard with luxury vehicles; it is one of the things customers expect for the high price they pay for these cars. The Acura TSX Sportwagon delivers in this regard, as well. The 2011 Acura TSX Sportwagon was tested by the federal government for rollover safety and received five out of five stars. The 2011 model was also an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “Top Safety Pick”. Standard safety features on the Acura TSX Sportwagon are six airbags, brake assist and anti-lock brakes, and stability control. A rearview camera is also included with the Tech package, although it cannot be included as a standalone option.

Acura TSX Sportwagon Fuel Efficiency

One of the great features about the Acura TSX Sportwagon is its comparably good gas mileage. Mileage is identical for the regular TSX Sportwagon and that with the Tech package added: 22 miles per gallon in the city, and up to 30 on the highway. For the size and roominess of this vehicle, these numbers are impressive, and are mostly due to keeping the engine a four-cylinder. Of course, you will sacrifice some performance when compared to the V-6, but for a family-focused wagon, these issues may not really be issues. With plenty of “baby gear” room, performance may be less important to young families.

Average Repair Costs for the Acura TSX Sportwagon

Repair costs are also reasonable for most jobs. An oil pump replacement for a 2011 Acura TSX Sportwagon will run you around $515, while a thermostat replacement costs about $170. Ignition coil replacement costs around $160. Acura customers have complained primarily about brake issues, although the costs for the first two years after warranty expiration have not been significant: $363 combined for both the fourth and fifth years of ownership is the national average. Acura’s standard warranty is included, which includes 15 years on seat belts, four years and 50,000 miles bumper-to-bumper, and six years or 70,000 miles for powertrain.

How much is car insurance for the Acura TSX Sportwagon?

Car insurance for a 2012 Acura TSX Sportwagon runs an average of $1,563 per year, with an increase to $1,770 for the Tech model. This price increase is primarily due to comprehensive coverage price increases to protect all the attractive gadgetry. Compared to other luxury wagons, these prices are about average. The BMW 328i averages around $1,550; the Audi 4 2.0T Avant Quattro averages $1,595; the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon averages $1,555; and the Volvo XC70 averages $1,635 per year. As you can see, insurance costs for these comparable vehicles are very similar; however, the initial cost of each vehicle varies widely.