The Acura RL is a four-door luxury sedan which has received high marks for comfort, technology, and convenience. While it is not the “sportiest” model out there, it has a peppy engine and plenty of get-up-and-go for the average driver. Although some reviewers decry this model as “dowdy,” others praise its streamlined appearance and subdued sophistication. For most buyers, its good looks and reliable performance make it a good option in the luxury car market, where looks can sometimes be overrated. The Acura RL remains a popular choice for families and couples who want a superior automobile at a relatively reasonable price, and are not interested in the latest and “flashiest” vehicle.

How much does an Acrua RL cost?

With the 2012 model averaging $47,700, this is not the car for the budget-conscious or for those who do not want to invest in maintenance costs which are higher than average. However, the Acura RL pays for itself in low repair and overall maintenance costs and a host of savvy features, such as adaptive cruise control, heated seats, and standard USB and Bluetooth connections. XM satellite radio, a built-in navigation system, and beautiful leather front seats make this a truly luxurious ride. The back seat and trunk are less room than some other models; however, the front part of the cabin seems designed for luxury and a comfortable experience, and the controls are very user-friendly.

The Acura RL, like many luxury sedans, also enjoys high safety ratings. Acura offered standard airbags eleven years before they became mandatory, and has continued this dedication to safety in the design of the car itself. Voice-recognition software, “Hands-Free Link®” features, and a blind spot information system all contribute to driver safety on all Acura models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assigned Acura its highest rating, giving five-star crash safety to each and every Acura model; this made Acura the first luxury car brand to achieve this feat. In 2009, Acura was a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Acura RL has been around for a few years and garnered various awards, such as one of the 50 Greatest Cars on Automobile Magazine’s list for 2007, and “Best Luxury Sedan” by Car and Driver for 2005. Clearly, Honda has a winner on its hands with its Acura line.

How is the Acrua RL on fuel?

The Acura RL offers median fuel economy, with an average of 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway. While these are not outstanding numbers, they are in line in terms of luxury sedans and cars of this size. Fuel economy can be improved with regular maintenance, as with any vehicle.

Repairs for the Acura TL are covered by the 50,000-mile standard warranty, so you will not feel the bite of the mechanic’s bill until the third or fourth year you own the vehicle. At that point, expect an average of $1000 for the fourth and fifth year for repairs, making this a relatively high-cost vehicle in terms of maintenance. Of course, the majority of this cost comes from the expense of factory parts and labor, and not from any inherent problems in design or performance. For the most part, the Acura RL has shown itself to be reliable and less of a maintenance problem than other luxury mid-sized sedans. For those who plan to keep their vehicles longer, Acura also offers a 6-year, 70,000-mile powertrain warranty option.

How much is car insurance for an Acura RL?

CarInsurance rates nationally for the Acura RL are relatively affordable when compared to other luxury sedans. At $1,610 per year on average, the Acura RL costs significantly less to insure than the BMW 550i at $2,004 and the Mercedes E350 at $1,693. However, these prices still represent significant costs to Acura owners for insurance on their vehicles, and should be viewed with the understanding that these numbers represent ideal prices for good drivers with few or no dings on their driving history. Comparable non-luxury cars with lower insurance prices include the Ford Taurus SEL at $1,287 on average and the Mercury Milan at $1,350 per year on average.

You can find reasonable rates for automobile insurance on the Acura RL, and many other models, by comparing insurance rates with a car insurance rate quote. By getting quotes from several companies, you can choose the right insurer at the right price for your vehicle. Quotes can be obtained directly from the insurance companies, through their agents or on their websites. You can also get quotes from several companies at once by requesting an online rate quote.