The 2012 Acura MDX has the honor of being the top “Mid-Sized Luxury SUV,” as compared to others in its class. Why? Because the Acura MDX provides the right balance of luxury, sportiness, and versatility everyone wants in an SUV. Besides being the top pick for 2012, the Acura MDX was also the “North American Truck of the Year” in 2001, Car and Driver’s “Best Luxury SUV” in 2001, Motor Trend’s “Sport/Utility of the Year” for 2001, and the Top Safety Pick for 2007. Acura clearly has a winning combination with the MDX.

How much is the 2012 Acura MDX?

The 2012 Acura MDX is loaded with features comparable to much more expensive models in this class, and yet has managed to keep its price-tag reasonable. Ranging in price from $41,695 to $52,643, the 2012 Acura MDX checks in at far below competitors such as BMW and Mercedes, but delivers better-quality handling in some cases than these more expensive vehicles.

The Acura MDX’s exterior styling has been called “daring” by both fans and critics, and no one seems to know what this really means. What they do know is that the Acura MDX does not look like any other SUV! The interior has been described as “high-tech and high class,” although a perennial complaint with Acura models is that the control configuration is confusing. Third-row seating allows for up to seven passengers, and tri-zone climate control, moonroof, and premium sound system are standard. An auxiliary input jack and Bluetooth are included, but USB connection is optional. Cargo space is generous, and with the fold-down seats, you can instantly increase your space up to 83.5 cubic feet.

Acura MDX Safety Ratings, Models and Awards

The 2011 Acura MDX was tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and received “good” ratings in front, side, and rear-impact crash tests. The 2011 Acura MDX also received five-star scores from the federal government in overall and side crashes, and the 2012 model was tested for frontal crash and rollover risk, receiving four out of five stars in these tests. Safety equipment on the 2012 Acura MDX includes six airbags and active head restraint, standard rearview camera and optional multi-view rear and side cameras, optional adaptive cruise control, and optional blind spot monitoring and collision mitigation braking. Rear visibility is somewhat impaired by the exterior design of the car.

The 2012 Acura comes in a variety of trim options, although you are basically stuck with a V-6 engine no matter which you choose. This is generally powerful enough for most drivers, although some complain about the lack of choice in this regard, noting that some higher-end models such as the Mercedes offer an 8-cylinder option. The savings you have on gas will probably justify this lack of choice, however. The three trim models all include all-wheel drive and get 16 miles per gallon in the city and 21 on the highway. Basically, you just have to choose how much technology and entertainment you want on your model; the rest of the choices are already set for you.

J. D. Power has rated the Acura MDX highly for reliability, giving it “Better than Most” scores for overall dependability for the 2007 and 2008 model years. Owners were especially impressed with drivetrain dependability, giving the car five stars, or “Among the Best,” ratings in this area. While no complimentary maintenance is included, the standard Acura four-year, 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper and six-year, 70,000-mile powertrain warranties are included, as well as five years of rust protection with no mileage limit. Repair costs, like those for most luxury cars, are rather steep, but not out of line with other vehicles in this class. An ignition coil repair runs around $110; a oil pump replacement averages $850; and a fuel injector replacement will cost you about $312.

How much does car insurance cost for an Acura MDX?

Car insurance costs for the Acura MDX are also relatively reasonable when compared to other vehicles in the class. Yearly insurance costs for the 2012 Acura MDX average $1,288 per year, while its competitors such as the 2012 Lexus RX and 2012 Infiniti FX averaged $1,449 and $1,546, respectively. The difference in price may have to do with the fact that both the Lexus and Infiniti offer larger and more powerful engine models in their vehicles.

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