When you hear about AAA Insurance, what people are talking about is not really one insurance company. Instead, it is a conglomeration of dozens of independent insurers all linked by a common thread – the American Automobile Association, a car-loving group which is active in every state in the union and solicits great insurance companies to provide benefits to its members. Therefore, there is no one “AAA Insurance,” but instead an AAA-endorsed insurer in your particular area.

AAA History

AAA, or “Triple-A” as it is commonly called, is a very old organization reaching back to the beginnings of the automobile itself. In 1902, a Chicago-based group joined together to form a club for automobile enthusiasts, whose purpose was to lobby for better conditions for drivers such as improved roadways and laws which favored automobile owners. From these beginnings, AAA became a nationally-recognized group in every state and region, offering all sorts of benefits to its members. Today, 69 AAA groups in the United States and Canada offer such diversified services as towing and roadside assistance, discounts on food and lodging, and even lobbying in Congress for driver-friendly laws. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts tests on various vehicles and makes safety recommendations to manufacturers.

AAA Car Insurance

One of the services AAA offers its members is endorsement of car insurance companies and products. In some states, this translates to “AAA Auto Insurance,” although the actual policies are all sold and administered by independent companies. However, these companies work close with the AAA groups to provide members with the very best in insurance coverage and low premiums.

As an example, the Automobile Club of Southern California offers insurance to members in the lower part of the Golden State. California actually has two AAA chapters, one for the northern part of the state and one for the southern. The Automobile Club of Southern California offers insurance which includes coverage for automobiles, homes, life, collectible cars, and boats.

The Automobile Club of Southern California’s car insurance coverage is varied and covers almost every possible aspect of automobile insurance. Rated “A+ Superior” by A. M. Best, a national ranking firm which examines the financial stability of various insurance companies, the Automobile Club of Southern California is a dependable and well-diversified insurer.

The Automobile Club of Southern California offers competitive rates and allows you to choose your deductible and coverage amounts instead of offering only “blanket” policies at a single price. You can control the cost of your automobile insurance by raising your deductible, lowering your coverage amounts, or applying various discounts available to members. The Automobile Club of Southern California offers a variety of flexible payment plans to allow members to choose options which work for them. The company also offers twenty-four-hour-a-day claims service, policyholder savings dividends, and complimentary policy reviews.

AAA Car Insurance Discounts

Discounts available from the Automobile Club of Southern California include an 11.7 percent savings when you have multiple policies; a 22 percent savings for multiple vehicles; 5.6 percent for renewals; 14.4 percent for good students; 8 percent for airbags; 17.5 percent for anti-theft devices; 6.1 percent for garage parking; 9.4 percent for qualifying professionals; and 20 percent for good drivers. You can also save by completing a Mature Driver Training Course if you are over 55, and by accounting for your vehicle’s annual low mileage. In addition, just by signing up, you receive a $100 travel voucher for cruise or tour packages, and a lifetime warranty on all repair work performed at approved service centers.

With all these discounts and perks, it is not surprising that the Automobile Club of Southern California insurance is ranked at the top of the customer satisfaction survey performed each year by J. D. Power and Associates. For 2011, the Automobile Club of Southern California was ranked number 15 in the nation; when translated into national terms, this places this insurer very high indeed in terms of customer satisfaction. Customers were pleased with all aspects of the company, although “pricing” received the highest score and “contacting the insurer” the lowest in the ranking categories.

AAA Customer Service

Another insurance group which has received high marks for customer service is AAA’s Automobile Club Group, covering Texas and Hawaii, as well as locations in Mexico. This group is part of the larger conglomerate of which Automobile Club of Southern California is a part, and offers very similar coverage. In the J. D. Power rankings, Automobile Club Group 21st overall, just behind the California State Automobile Association, another AAA-endorsed insurer. It is easy to see that most AAA insurers rank relatively highly in customer satisfaction, and with good reason. In order to be endorsed by AAA, insurers must show that they are pro-active in giving great coverage options, good service, and discounts to members.

By becoming a member of AAA in your area, you not only receive great car insurance discounts, but also gain other advantages. The network of AAA roadside assistance has proven invaluable to stranded motorists everywhere. Once you have AAA coverage, your worries are over if you break down, whether in your hometown or on a cross-country trip. AAA provides towing services, repair shop endorsements, and discounts on every car-related expense imaginable. You can also receive discounts on everything from shopping, dining, and lodging to non-car-related travel such as airline tickets and cruise ship accommodations. AAA provides you with discounts for every travel-related item you can think of, and the low yearly prices for membership encourage many people to take advantage of these great discounts and bargains.

To find an AAA-endorsed insurance agency near you, you can go to the AAA national website and enter your zip code. You will be directed to a state- or region-specific page which will give you information about automobile insurance options available in your area. Alternatively, you can receive quotes from several AAA insurance companies through quote-generation applications on websites which compile information from a variety of companies. When you become an AAA member, you will also receive information about various insurers in your area who offer good prices and discounts to AAA members.